Peace Howlers

Peace between every race

                                                  THE PACK


ALPHA- Youngblood (Corey)


I am going to start off by saying I am a human. I have recently discovered my inner wolf. I don't know my wolf name, but I go by Youngblood. I am protective and defensive, but I can be caring and affectionate. I am also playful and random at times. I created this pack to help anyone with anything. If I can't help there is probably someone on here who can. I don't know everything but I'd like to know as much as I can about weres, vamps, demons, and everything else. I'd like to be the best Alpha I can, but I will need all of your help so I can get there.   -Youngblood

ALPHESS- Silver (Jessica)

                                       I am not a werewolf, although i do have dormant werewolf genes. My wolf name is Silver. My real name is Jessica. I'm not a full werewolf yet. I'm in the pack Howling jaws and this pack. I'm a member of other packs too. Sorry I dont know what my wolf looks like yet but im hoping to be a silver covered wolf. I'm strong, quiet, shy in person and can become dangerous if you make me mad. Normally I'm a calm and caring person. I can help by keeping peace between the members. I can use what i've and am learning to help the rest of the pack. -Silverfang

Valkyrion male- Ookami Amaterasu



I am a human, though I have found someone who is willing to turn me into a werewolf. I have no set name yet, however, from meditation two possible names Rishima and Alorha. I am not one yet. I am in many packs. The packs I am in are Howling Jaws, Run With The Wolves, Underground-Societies, The United Coven, Hybrid Potential, Unknown-Forces, and Wish Hunters. The wolf form that I keep seeing in my dreams is a mix between an arctic wolf and a timber wolf. It is mostly pure white, except for some very light brown on the muzzle. My eyes are blue-gray with green and brown flecks. I am kind-hearted, positive, funny, smart, sensitive. If you lose my trust, do not expect to gain it back, not without great effort. I am a very easy going person, but will kick you ass if you threaten me or anyone I care about. I will do anything and everything that needs to be done. And I'll give you all love!  -Christina

BETA MALE- Steel Tooth

I'm a werewolf. My spirit animal is a snow leapord and his name is Icicle. My name is yegor. I was born a proud werewolf. My own pack, Wolf and Howlingmoon. My animal form is a greyish black color, it's broad, and has ember eyes. I'm creative, energetic when bored, playful, and also LOVE howling.  Not be negative in the pack is for sure, but also help a bit others although it is YOUR job.  -steeltooth

BETA FEMALE- Faith (Taylor)

I am a werewolf. My spirit animal is a pure black wolf and her name is Flame. My human name is Taylor. I've became a werewolf through genes. My grandma was one and now I'm one. I really dont know how genes work. I've been in a pack before, Howling Jaws. My wolf form is a black wolf with silver paws and a grey under belly. I have dark blue under my eyes and on my tail with white above them. My wolf is very muscular and has a distinct femine face when looked at directly.
 I have a defensive, protective, yet playful and caring personality. I'm the kinda wolf that you can come to and tell me anything. I know how to keep secrects and tell someone something important. I can be very dominate but I know my place in the pack. I will follow orders no matter what. I can do lots for this pack, like protect it, make everyone smile or laugh. -Faith


DELTA MALE- Papa Wolf (Lucas Johnson)

I'm a boring human, haha. No, I don't or at least not as far as I know. My human name is Lucas Johnson. Well, since I'm a human, we all know how that goes lol, but since I was very young I have always wanted to be a werewolf. I have only been in Howling Jaws besides this. I don't have one yet. Well, I'm a fun-loving, loyal, very optomistic, and I'm a christian. I'm a dependable person, and I do everything I can to help out the people I care for. I will provide my postive view on everything that I can and I hope to help people out.  - Papa Wolf

DELTA FEMALE-  Feng Bloodright (Cheyenne)


I am a Werecat. My were name is Synkya or Sira.  Human name is Cheyenne. I was born a werecat.   Yes, Reclusive Shadows, Liberum Arbitrum Rebellion, Razgriz.. My were form is a snow leopard. Medium length fur, blue eyes and a long, furry tail. I'm rather aggressive, but can also be shy. I'm bipolar. Anything you'd let me. I'm best in the pack position of Scout, though.                       -Sira Nightfyre

Omega- Ayame (taylor)

I'm almost a were. My spirit animal is a white wolf and her name is Ayame. My human is name Taylor. I became this through p-shifting. The packs I've been in are Freedom Runners, Brave Hearts. My wolf has shimmery white fur with lavender eyes. I am loyal, protective, shy at times. I would do anything asked of me.

Omega- Darcus (Trance)

I'm a half werewolf. For my wolf name, I don't really have one. My nick name is Trance.  Yes, I'm in howling jaws. Im a slender Brown, Black, White wolf in my first form. I'm goofy, hyper, smart. Whatever was required of me to do.   -Darcus

Omega- Ranstansan (Logan)


I am a Hybrid Werewolf/Psi Vampire, binded with an Archfiend.  I currently, use a name that was given to me.  My birth name is Logan.  I was born who I am.  I have been in many packs.  I am bipedal, black. Around 7' tall..most likely, taller. There are some other details, as my eyes are a menacing all black.  Mainly, I am quiet and cold, sometimes blood thirsty, sometimes insane.. However if you need anything, just ask. I will see what I can do.  I can educate the pack on what they may want to know, and protect it a bit. - Ranstansan

Omega- Half Moon Strike (Chase)

I'm a born werewolf. My name is Half Moon Strike, but I also go by Strike. My spirit animal is my wolf. My name is Chase. I got the genes from my father, I was born a werewolf. I am a member of Howling Jaws. I am a white base with brushing of gray and alot of black. I have a mainly white face in the shape of a half moon. I am larger in stature than a large sized timber wolf. I have pale grey eyes with shards of blue in them. I would do anything I could to help the pack if it is agreed upon by the pack. -Half Moon Strike

Omega- WolfGal16 (Anonumous )

I am a werewolf yet to p-shift. I really don't know my spirit animal. I wish not to say my human name. I think I was born a werewolf. I am in Howling Jaws and Welcome to all Werewolves. I think I am a greyish/brown werewolf that stand on two legs. I can be shy but very outgoing when I get to know someone. I can offer advice, ask questions myself, and a lot of other stuff. -WolfGal16

Omega-Abigail (Abby)


I'm a therian (shifter). I don't have a spirit animal. My name's Abby. I had help from a friend/ teacher to become this. I have been in Razgriz wolf pack. I basically look like a timber wolf. I am shy but if you get to know me I'm very nice. I'm pretty laid back but if you annoy me too much i get pissed. I can take a joke too. Anything you wish (pretty much. . . yeah).  -Abigail

Omega-Nakuta (Anonumous)

I am a werewolf and a hellhound. I have a spirit animal, she is black with blue eyes and her name is Nakuta. I prefer to not give my human name.  I became through magik, and p-shifting
Yes, my rl pack. I am alpha. My wolf form is dark brown with golden eyes. My hellhound ones survived to see. I'm fierce and will kill roleplayers who say they are wolves but aren't. If you roleplay like make a character, and it's harmless and it isn't lying, then i will allow it. I am protective, but wary of new people. I am a strong leader and will be friendly too. I'll protect, locate roleplayers and make friends. - Nakuta

Omega-Kiba (Jorge)

I'm a human. My spirit animal is a wolf. I do not know the name yet but I think it might be Whitefang. This is my first pack. My human name is Jorge but nickname is John. I am a white wolf with blue eyes. I am fun, playful, kind, big hearted, and honest. Help and support my fellow pack mates in any way I can. -Kiba

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